Terms and conditions

Valet Parking

24h CarPark Valet Parking provides services in parking management and professional drivers (chauffeur) for rental/hire to private and business clients in the Lisbon urban area and Lisbon International Airport.

24h CarPark address: Rua Jorge Colaço, 24, 1700-253 Lisboa.

Valet Parking is a low-cost parking service for the Lisbon Airport commuters, available since May 2015, providing car collection/delivery services in the Lisbon Airport (Valet Parking) and also passenger and luggage transfer services between the 24h CarPark facilities and the Lisbon Airport.

The 24h CarPark service is acquired through booking/reservation, 3 hours in advance, by submitting the online form available in our website (www.24hcarpark.com). Alternatively, if there is an issue with the online booking service you can also contact us direct:

The phone reservations/bookings are garanteed by our 24h service mobile phone (+351) 965 000 236 or through our Head Office (+351) 21 988 1950 (08:00am-08:00pm, Monday to Friday). 24h CarPark will send a confirmation email for all bookings.

The terms and general conditions of the 24h CarPark service, as well as our refund and cancellation policy, will apply without exception to the users of this service.

Payment will be made in kind upon the vehicle’s return or by electronic transfer after submitting the reservation/booking.

Submitting a reservation/booking will require previous knowldege and understanting of the terms and conditions of this service.



24h CarPark Valet Parking will be liable for:

All damage caused to the vehicle from the moment it is delivered to the 24h CarPark staff until delivery to the customer and also during its stay in the 24h CarPark facilities.

24h CarPark Valet Parking will not be liable for:

Mistakes or errors caused by the customer when fulfilling and submitting a reservation or booking form with incorrect information.

Any outstanding charges, fines or legal impeachments on the vehicle and/or due to lack of legal vehicle documentation such as valid car insurance, MoT, etc.

Any vehicle mechanic or electric/electronic malfunction or breakdown.

Values and goods left on the vehicle.


Refunds and Cancellations

To cancel a reservation/booking you can send an email to geral@24hcarpark.pt a few hours before the scheduled vehicle collection/delivery.

Changing or cancelling a reservation can also be requested verbally, directly to our staff or through our contact services.

Using a different location/parking other than the 24h CarPark facilities will not be liable to refund. Address and directions to the 24h CarPark facilities are also available in our website and will always be provided by email to our customers. It is the customers responsability to find the 24h CarPark facility.

There will be no refund for any partially used or unused reservations. Changing / Cancelling of flights: 24h CarPark will assume that it is the customers responsability for any changes made to the trip or reservation. However, it is always possible to change the reservation dates.

24h CarPark Valet Parking

For more information please contact our Support Team!

Our service mobile phones are available 24h.

(+351) 965 000 236 or (+351) 932 199 714

Office: (+351) 21 988 1950 (08:00am-08:00pm, Monday to Friday)


Please do let us know of any queries you might have. We await for your contact!